Horror Movies with Online Gaming Theme

Horror Movies with Online Gaming Theme
Horror Movies with Online Gaming Theme


Horror movies with online gaming is a popular theme. There are many popular movies made on this theme. These movies also depict live casino online as part of the online gaming setup. Most of these movies highlight the dangers of overexposure to the internet, online gaming, and social media. Some of the most popular horror movies with online gaming theme are as follows:

Pulse (2006)

Pulse is the remake of the Japanese film Kairo. The plot of the movie revolves around Josh and his girlfriend Mattie. Josh starts acting differently and maintains his distance from Mattie. She visits his apartment and finds that he is no longer the same person she knew. Josh commits suicide in his apartment which Mattie witnesses. She starts receiving messages from Josh’s chat room. His computer is sold to Dexter McCarthy who has not plugged it in yet. Thus, he cannot be sending messages. People around Mattie are dying in strange circumstances. She teams up with Dexter and tries to figure out the problem and its solution.

The movie benefits from the strong acting of Kirsten Bell and Ian Somerhalder. The CGI effects can be difficult to believe but they do a decent job. The character development could have been stronger to help the audience bond better with them. The makers also provide explanations in the end that help the viewers to grasp the turn of events.

Unfriended (2014)

Unfriended is a supernatural horror movie based on the theme of cyberbullying. The movie starts when Blaire watching an online snuff movie. A young woman named Laura Barns commits suicide by shooting herself with a shotgun. She was forced to do so because a clip of her was leaked online. Laura was a popular teen in high school. One year after her death, her spirit wants to know who is behind these leaks. An unseen force manipulates the computer and forces Blaire’s friends to kill themselves.

The movie takes a deeper look at the false sense of security we have sharing personal stuff online. The tension is palpable in the movie. Characters are developed nicely, and the audience is hooked to know what happens next.


The movie focuses on the risks associated with our internet-connected lives. The title of the movie is an acronym for a type of malware known as remote access trojan. Emma wants to make a fresh start and move from the Midwest to Brooklyn. She rents a spacious apartment. Emma never suspects that her privacy could be compromised. She has an always-online lifestyle that makes her more vulnerable to privacy invasion. Things start getting creepy as things related to her personal life start leaking. Emma becomes stressed and starts behaving strangely with her each move being tracked by the ratter.

The cinematography and editing are good. They provide you an up-close and intimate view of the subjects being tracked by the ratter. Ashley Benson gives a remarkably strong performance as the target of an anonymous hacker.

Friend Request

The premise of the movie revolves around Laura who is a very popular college teen. She has lots of friends and followers on social media. She comes across a new girl in the college-Marina- and accepts her online friend request. Marina is a lonely girl, and she takes things too far. She starts stalking Laura, who finds it uncomfortable. She confronts Marina on this, who commits suicide afterward. This video finds its way to the social media page of Laura who is unable to delete it. Gradually Laura’s friends start experiencing weird ghostly attacks and start dying. More disturbing videos are posted to Laura’s social media page. She starts losing friends on social media and starts feeling lonely.

Friend request highlights the perils of social media on our lives. There are some terrifying and disturbing visuals in the movie. There are lots of unexpected jumps scares that keep you glued to your seats. The story though lacks novelty and becomes predictable after a point. The planned jump scenes do not evoke the desired fear as they become repetitive and predictable. The loneliness of Marina has been expertly depicted. The movie delivers a strong message emphasizing the dangers of addiction to the internet and social media.

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