Free Horror Movies on YouTube – Deathwatch, People Toys, Exhibit A, Night of the Living Dead, House on the Haunted Hill

Free Horror Movies on YouTube
Free Horror Movies on YouTube

YouTube has a bucket full of Horror movies available for you to feast upon. Though YouTube has made it compulsory to take prior permission of the copyright owner to upload any original content, so legally you can watch only those movies whose owners have given copyrights to someone for uploading the movie. 

Quantity wise there is no shortage of horror flicks available for watching on YouTube. But quality-wise one can argue that there isn’t much on the quality front. 

You will not find fan-favorite movies like Annabelle, and IT. Still, there’s something to cheer about, you will get some underrated movies going through which you will find that such movies didn’t receive the deserved appreciation. 

YouTube is also the place to find the best short horror films most of the top short horror films are available on YouTube. Ranging from Lights Out to Shadowed, these short films will send chills straight through your bones. 

Hardcore horror fans must have already scanned through the horror content present on Netflix, in case you haven’t do traverse through our Best Horror Movies on Netflix. This Covid-19 pandemic has left everyone, especially teenagers with plenty of time to spare, and those who have already finished the majority of the horror content up for grabs will have a great time watching these Free Horror Movies on YouTube. 

Right then! Without wasting much time let’s begin with the best horror movies available on YouTube. 

Free Horror Movies on YouTube:



Initial release: 7 November 2002

Director: Michael J. Bassett

Deathwatch finds its setting in the British-German war period where war was all over. The makers have tried to come up with a blend of the horrific events the war brings with it, and the gruesome invasion of some supernatural forces. 

You will get to see Andy Serkis leading the star cast seamlessly, he and his fellow soldiers are behind the enemy lines risking their lives. 

They are sandwiched between the German soldiers, and the supernatural forces that too in a goofy German trench. The horror effect is amplified with the picturization of rotten dead bodies, rats feeding on the bodies, soldiers crucified by evils, and soldiers left for dead. In the end we witness a soldier indicating the pack of fresh soldiers just arrived at the trench to fall back, indicating a sequel of the film. 

9-People Toys

People Toys

Initial release: June 1974

Directors: Sean MacGregor, David Sheldon

When children are involved in horror flicks, the interest level automatically shoots up, in this one there are 5 of them all leading the charge. 

People toys is an American Horror slasher film, this film was released again in 1976 with the title ” Devil times five”.

The plot kick starts with the accident of a school bus, and only five children manage to survive the fatal accident. Later it is revealed that all of them are sociopaths and mentally unstable. 

They seek shelter in the lakeside but they had other, lethal plans. The people who provided them shelter in good faith and considering them as amicable kids are butchered in a precisely planned manner by the kids. The killings are much more terrifying and coordinated than you can expect from innocent-looking children. 

8-Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Initial release: 1 October 2007

Directed by: Dom Rotheroe

Horror lovers understand the package of curiosity and awkwardness footage found horror flicks bring with them. Exhibit A is a British cam recorder found film. Footage found films always come with a certain degree of risk of getting underrated and the risk turned into reality with this film. 

This film is all about a videotape found at the murder scene. Andy, one of the family members discovers some uncanny features about the family members while he filmed the house. In the following weeks, Andy plans to bring about the death of the other family members. He drags them, pierced them, whacked them ruthlessly. Lastly, upon killing the last member, he tumbles the camera assuming it went off, but it didn’t. 

7-Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead

Initial release: 1968

Director: George A. Romero

We have witnessed how the craze of zombie movies has rocketed, well this is the movie where it all started. It was back in 1968 where we witnessed a movie that cherished the concept of zombies. The movie was such a grand success that the makers later came up with 6 installments. This movie was filmed in a constrained budget, still surprisingly went on to grab grossed $12 million in the US market. 

This film also had that typical zombie horror plot where scared survivors try to edge past the epidemic infected people running frantically to feed upon them. The last installment in this series was launched in 2009.

6-House on the Haunted Hill

House on the Haunted Hill

Initial release: 27 October 1999 

Director: William Malone

What will you do if someone offers you 1 million dollars just to stay at a place for a night, obviously when not made aware of the supernatural events that can clutch you. 

In the film, a millionaire pays a group of people to stay in his eerie, and haunted Mansion for a night. As soon as the pack of people enter the mansion, they are trapped, a series of weird incidents come looking for them. Despite being awarded average reviews, the movie performed brilliantly in the domestic market and grabbed $40 million. The success also made way for a sequel with the name, Return to House on Haunted Hill that came down in 2007.

5-The Thing

The Thing

Release date: 10 December 1982

Director: John Carpenter

A tinge of science fiction when mixed with potions of goop-puking horror, a film like The Thing is achieved. A group of American researchers is trapped by the wrath of an unknown parasite when they set on to discover Antarctica. While this film was a peach film belonging to the space horror genre, do watch out for the Best Cosmic and Space Horror movies. 

The expedition troop discovers an alien spaceship dated to from 10000 years. The parasitic creature that takes the form of the host body meanwhile starts hunting the members as they are isolated. This runs a stream of suspicious vibe among the members as they never know who is under the influence of the deadly creature.

4-Carnival of Souls

Carnival of Souls

Initial release: 1 June 1962

Director: Herk Harvey

We all have witnessed the sheer dominance of Insidious movie series in the horror world. What if I tell you Insidious was inspired by Carnival of Souls! 

Mary Henry suffers a disastrous car accident that kills her fellow passengers, but she somehow survived. Though she survived but was in the clutches of  ‘The man’ who followed her everywhere. The man and his ghouls chased Mary and in the concluding scenes, ee witnessed Mary’s body being taken out from the same lake where she met the accident. 

3-The Sadist

The Sadist

Initial release: April 1963

Director: James Landis

This movie quite beautifully portrayed that horror can be illustrated without any ghost play or supernatural depiction. 

This film is a cat and mouse game between a veteran psycho couple who is always looking to rip people apart into pieces and the travelers who have no idea about the troubles to be dashed upon them. 

Three teachers going to attend a  Dodgers game in Los Angeles are forced by an ill-functioning car to pull over at a junkyard. There Charlie and his lover were waiting to pounce upon them, they held them captive and threatened to kill them if they didn’t cooperate. They ultimately tormented each one of them, and the killings were gruesome enough to make you turn your eyes away. 

2-Severed: Forest of the Dead


Initial release: 2005

Directed by: Carl Bessai

A typical zombie horror film you can ask for. The only difference being the zombies were all over a forest and not in the mainlands. Julian Christopher plays the head of a team of loggers in a remote area. One of the members got wounded and transformed. Soon the entire team of loggers turns into zombies as a result of some failed genetic experiment. 

The survivors are few in numbers and scattered, with the number of zombies increasing each they, the chances of their survival are getting bleak. On top of all the internal chaos among the survivors makes it worse for them. In the end, we find that it was Tyler’s father who carried out the experiment, which cost him his son. 

1-The Nun

The Nun

Directed by: Luis De La Madrid

Release date: 12 May 2005

Originally made in Spanish, The nun is a slasher horror which was later dubbed in English. The Nun is a slow-paced, dark movie where the spirit of a nun is avenging upon those responsible for her death. Sister Ursula is one by one taking down everyone responsible for her death. Eve a teenager sets on to investigate this mystery when her mother Mary is murdered. 

Eve finds out that everything relates to killing her mother and her circle committed years back. She even tries to warn the alive friends of her mother, but the spirit is just too cunning, and filled with the rage of course. 

The plot turns 360 degrees when we find that the spirit has impersonated Eve to perform the killings.