Noah Soudrette

RE: Doctor Herbert West, The Re-Animator

Although Re-animator does not follow the origional short story by H.P. Lovecraft it is a wonderful film. Jeffrey Combs does a superb job, as always, as Herbert West. The whole style and mental attitude of the character is fabulous. It matches the character's mentality in the story. The musical score creates a wonderful mood. This is one of my favorite movies of all time.



 Dwight Kemper

RE: Re-animator and Lovecraft on Film

I have been a fan of Lovecraft for many years and have enjoyed reading his works both pre- and post- Cthulhu mythos.  Of the pre-Cthulhu stories, Herbert West, Re-Animator is among my favorites.  God, how hard it was to find this in print.  I had just seen the movie with Jeffrey Combs and was anxious to read the story.  At the time I hadn't heard about Dagon, where the story was re-printed.  Instead I was looking through an old bookstore where I came upon a paperback called, "Rivals of Frankenstein."  Sure enough, in the table of contents, there was "Herbert West- Re-Animator."  I found the story to be more like a synopsis for a larger book, still there was a great deal of imagery that haunts you long after putting the story down.  (Also a bit of racism, in the way that Lovecraft describes a reanimated black man as ape like with a (white) child's severed arm in its mouth).  In a way, I almost wish the producers of Re-Animator had made the film a period piece and set it in the 20's.   Scenes of Herbert West experimenting on dead soldiers in World War I (adapted and updated in Bride of Re-Animator) are very chilling, especially his experiment (that became the fate of Dr. Hill) on a decapitated soldier's severed head.  As for other works of ol' H.P. that have made it to film, to date, I would say that "The Resurrected" is the best.  Based on "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" this film captures the feel of Lovecraft.


  Monstrous Mike

RE: Re-Animator, a great, great flick

I was lucky enough to see Re-Animator in its initial theatrical release. My friend and I were the ONLY ones in the theater, and we thought we were in for a dud, but as anyone who's seen this movie knows, it turned out to be one of the greatest horror movies of all time (definitely top ten, perhaps top 5?). I watched it again last night on a lark, and it still holds up. Jeffrey Combs is great, Barbara Crampton is, well, c'mon, what a dish, David  Gile was great -- the whole damn film is great! I agree with the guy who runs this website that the slow-moving zombies are better -- they're somehow creepier -- but the re-animated corpses in this movie, especially in the climax, were unbelievably convincing and rocking. Whew! With all the crappy horror movies out there, it's always a pleasure to find one that's actually a GOOD film. By the way, does anyone know where I can get a one-sheet, or at least decent poster, for this film?

Thanks, Mike

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