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T3: Hellraiser

T4: I must admit Caretaker that this is one of the better horror sights on the internet. Now on to the subject at hand, Hellraiser. This is the first Horror Movie that I was allowed to watch, although it scarred me for life. This movie had almost anything anyone would want. The original was by far the best, the second was ok, but the third and fourth were not up to my personal standards. I have to admit that back in the eighties with numerous sequels, greedy film companies, and just plain bad movies, horror was about to die out. Then came Hellraiser. I can still remember that dark, cold, rainy night in late 1987. I was just five years old, and sitting in the back of a lightly crowded van in an almost deserted drive in theatre. I can honestly tell you that the special effects, especially when Frank was torn apart both times, when he reforms from nothing in the attic, and when Kristy saw the Cenobites for the first time all made me close to pissing my pants.

I was scared of the dark for three years after I saw that movie (helped in no small part by Friday The 13th VI). It will always hold a special place in my heart, not only as my first horror movie, but as one of the best made horror movies of all time. Thank you.

Kristofer Mullins

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