Redneck Zombies

Redneck Zombies Story

Redneck ZombieOut in the boonies, they’d use anything be to make a good “still”, even a toxic waste container. What damage can a little toxic waste do to you that a few aspirins in the morning couldn’t clear? Well, in this case, it makes you into a raving zombie who craves the flesh of your initial relatives and any unlucky smucks camping in your backyard. And what do you know…that’s the storyline of this here flick.

After some recommendations from a few visitors to the House, I decided to give “Redneck Zombies” a shot… with a few beers as a chaser of course. I was ready for a real stinker, but my friends at Troma have never let me down. Although all their films may not be great, at least they are entertaining. This shot-on-video (SOV) feature is a low-budget zombie gorefest that will make you think twice about taking a swig of grandpa’s “white lightning”.

Plenty of gore and laughs in this low budget zombie flick directed by Pericles Lewnes. There is a great parody of the hitchhiker scene from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” that is damn funny. The gore flows thick in this Troma classic.


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