The isn't probably a more disgusting subject matter than necrophilia. You got to be one fucked up individual to want to have a sex with a corpse. So with all this in mind, I decided to sit down and watch "Necromantik". Being the nut I am I was prepared for the worst and hoping for it, and let me say I wasn't disappointed.

The story tells of Robert (Daktari Lorenz), a member of a street cleaning unit, response for mopping up after major auto accidents. Robert has this strange fixation for body parts and like to bring them home. His girlfriend Betty, who is just as sick as him, get turned on by Robert's strange collection. One day Robert is giving the duties of bringing back a corpse found submerged in a lake, but instead of disposing of the carcass, he takes it home. Threesome.... corpse-style.

This new addition really ignites their sex life and the imagery is very disturbing. When "it" (i.e. Mr. Corpse) loses its "member" Robert replaces it with a pipe. Wooh!!!! The bizarre twists hit an all-time high when  Robert's girl leaves him a dear John letter saying she has left with her one true love (you guessed it, Mr. Corpse).

The ending is mind-blowing to say the least. I really thought as I put this tape in the VCR, that I was in for some major trash, but I was wrong. Sure the imagery and the storyline were outrages, as well as, exhilarating (but not in a sick way). Jörg Buttgereit's film challenges the soul on some obscure level. "Necromantik 2" is next on my list. Can the sickness continue, I hope so!!!!!!

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05/14/05 02:32 AM
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