Dichki Design Box office Collection, Hit or Flop, Budget

Dichki Design Box office Collection

Welcome to HouseOfHorrorscom Box Office Collection Section, below in this article, you can find Dichki Design Box Office Collection, Prediction, and Hit or Flop report. Dichki Design, which stars Nimika Ratnakar, Rana Chandu in the lead roles, was released on 20 July 2019. Dichki Design also stars Manohar Gowda, Ravi S Nenapininda in other important roles. This Kannada movie directed by Rana Chandu and produced by Rana Chandu. The movie is released on 20 July 2019 across Karnataka with 600 screens.

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Dichki Design Worldwide Box office Collection

Dichki Design has received a great response from the audience. It can be one of the most successful movies for Nimika Ratnakar, Rana Chandu, Rana Chandu, and Rana Chandu.

Worldwide CollectionTBA
Net Collection in IndiaTBA
Gross Collection in IndiaTBA
Overseas CollectionTBA
Hit or FlopTBA
IMDb RatingTBA

Dichki Design Daywise Box Office Collection Report

Dichki Design 1st Day CollectionNA
Dichki Design 2nd Day CollectionNA
Dichki Design 3rd Day CollectionNA
Dichki Design 4th Day CollectionNA
Dichki Design 5th Day CollectionNA
Dichki Design 6th Day CollectionNA
Dichki Design 7th Day CollectionNA
Dichki Design 8th Day CollectionNA
Dichki Design 9th Day CollectionNA
Dichki Design 10th Day CollectionNA
Dichki Design Total CollectionCr

Dichki Design Box Office Prediction

As we all know Nimika Ratnakar, Rana Chandu have a huge fan base and these fans wouldn’t miss a movie like Dichki Design. The Dichki Design Trailer has an impact on its  Kannada Box Office Collections. Here we are providing the Box Office Prediction based on the response to the trailer, people talk, the performance of the previous movies of Nimika Ratnakar, Rana Chandu, Rana Chandu and the Budget of Dichki Design.

Positive Talk

Dichki Design 1st Day prediction1.8 Cr
Dichki Design 2nd Day prediction1.5 Cr
Dichki Design 3rd Day prediction1.6 Cr
Dichki Design 1st Week prediction5 Cr
Dichki Design Total prediction20 Cr

Negative Talk

Dichki Design 1st Day prediction1.4 Cr
Dichki Design 2nd Day prediction1 Cr
Dichki Design 3rd Day prediction1.2 Cr
Dichki Design 1st Week prediction3.5 Cr
Dichki Design Total prediction8 Cr


Dichki Design Budget, Screen Count

This Kannada movie is released in more than six hundred theatres worldwide. The screen sharing for the movie Dichki Design was done majorly in the state of Karnataka and remaining in the rest of the country. The overall budget was estimated to be 9Cr.

Dichki Design Occupancy



Dichki Design Hit or Flop?

The story of the movie includes the life of a youngster which changes dramatically after involving with the mafia. This movie created some buzz among the audience and made them think about the film. The movie promotion team visited various places and promoted their film in various aspects. This film was expected to do a fair job at the Kannada film industry.


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