Dead Girl Full Movie Details

Dead Girl Full Movie Details

Dead Girl Full Movie Details (2008)

  • Release Date:  2008
  • Genre:  Extreme
  • Director:  Gadi Harel, Marcel Sarmiento
  • Screenwriter:  Trent Haaga

Dead Girl (2008) Rating:

  • Dylan = 8 / 10;
  • Ellis= 7 / 10;
  • Rayn= 7 / 10;
  • Simran = 5 / 10

Dead Girl (2008) Synopsis:

Two teenagers stumble upon the body of a dead woman, who proves to be immortal. Decided to use it as a sex slave, the two guys lock her up.

Dead Girl (2008) Review:

A really horrific and disturbing story that makes it hard for the viewer to know whether it is a “good” or a “bad” movie, but one thing is sure: it is not boring, and it is not a dumb movie.

The first feeling that film induces is disgust. Many scenes, including some featuring rape, are really gross, and the film extremely violent in general (both psychologically and physically). The behaviour of the guys is quite extreme (maybe too much?) but has the advantage of keeping the viewer on edge by somehow making him angry .

But behind the really horrible setting, the movie is in fact filled with social comments and will provide much food for your brain. Not really a horror flick when you look at it afterwards, but more of a deep psychological tale about human nature, being a teen and what makes someone/something human. A brilliant movie!

Dead Girl (2008) Cast:

Shiloh FernandezShiloh FernandezRickie
Noah SeganNoah SeganJT
Candice KingCandice KingJoann (as Candice Accola)
Eric PodnarEric PodnarWheeler
Jenny SpainJenny SpainDeadgirl
Andrew DiPalmaAndrew DiPalmaJohnny
Nolan Gerard FunkNolan Gerard FunkDwyer
Michael BowenMichael BowenClint
David Alan GrafDavid Alan GrafMr. Harrison
Susan Marie KellerSusan Marie KellerNikki
Timothy MuskatellTimothy MuskatellWes
Kelle CantwellKelle CantwellBrit
Dustin HessDustin HessWalter
Kathleen M. DarcyKathleen M. DarcyMs. Flynn
Steve DeanSteve DeanGym Coach



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