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Mar 13, 2010 - 5:23:26 AM

Just got done reading what may be the near perfect winter time horror tale.  It's titled SNOW and it's written by Ronald Malfi.  Can't lie to you, until I got this title in the mail I had never heard of Ronald Malfi  but I sure am pleased to know about him now.

SNOW is great.  Just great.  A genuine page turner that grabs you from the very first word and doesn't stop cranking until the very last.  The story is actually, at least for this reader, an original story idea.  I mean c'mon how do you make snow scary.  Sure, you can have people trapped under it, stuck in it, buried by it but attacked by it?  Seriously, attacked by it, like it hunts you down and kills you.  Snow as a predator!  I love it.


Our story opens as Todd Curry, a divorced father of one, is attempting to get to his son for the Christmas holiday.  He's stuck in Chicago at the airport when a major snow event moves into the area.  Determined to not let his son down and miss Christmas morning he make the descison to rent a car and make the journey that way.  Before he leaves he takes up with a couple of other traelers and they all decide to make the trip together. 

The four of them set off, against the advice of everyone at the airport, and are soon alone on the snow covered roads.  They happen upon a man wandering around.  He is disoriented and trying to find his daughter.  He says that the car died, he got out to try and fix it and when he got back in the car his daughter was gone.  Concerned the travelers take the man in and attempt to help him find his kid.  They are going to try and get to the next town to alert police when they come upon the mans car which appears have been there for a very long time.  Things don't seem right and through a series of events our travelers find themselves in the nearby town that appears to be deserted.

Things really kick off from here and the story amps up to a full fledged survival tale as Todd and company slowly uncover what is going on and attempt to stay alive.

What I really loved about this book was its originality. In this day and age of rehash and remake for someone to have an original thought should be celebrated.  SNOW is the perfect mix of outstanding character development, high octane action and bone munching gore.  I literally could not wait to get to the next page, the next chapter to find out how Malfi was going to proceed.  I was actually disappointed that this story had to end.

I could go on about this book for hours but to do so would be to ruin your enjoyment of the story.  I'll just leave it at go pick this one up as soon as possible and if possible wait till a nice cold night when the snow is lightly falling, turn off  everything but your reading light and get ready for one of your best reads in a while.

SNOW is available now.  All the on line retailer have it.  You can CLICK HERE to head on over to AMAZON.

CLICK HERE to head over to Malfi's official site.  Once you read this you're going to be a fan and want to pick up his other works.  I sure know I did.

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