Carnival of Souls Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review

Carnival of Souls Movie

Carnival of Souls is a 1962 American independent horror film written, produced, and directed by Herk Harvey, and starring Candace Hilligoss. Its plot follows Mary Henry, a young woman whose life is disturbed after a car accident. Here we will introduce the details of Carnival of Souls Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review.

Release Date: 1962
Genre: Madness & Paranoia
Director: Herk Harvey
Screenwriter: John Clifford

Carnival of Souls Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review:

  • Jo= 9 / 10;
  • Peter= 6 / 10
  • Andy= 9 / 10.


A young woman escapes a car accident and moves to a new town in order to play the organ, only to be followed by the strange feeling that someone is following her.


This classic from the 60’s is hard to describe with words for it does not impress so much as you’re watching it (it is mostly incomprehensible and rather lengthy at times). However, it does leave a very strange feeling behind, letting you accept that it was good after all.

Following a car accident, a woman finds herself unwilling to go along with normal life, and socialize with people. Her frustration throughout the movie is contagious to the viewer. Scenes where she seems to be invisible to others are extremely stressful, if not cinematographically fascinating.

Carnival of Souls is not so much about the story, with is both predictable and nonsensical at times, but more about the dark and oppressive atmosphere that it creates. Many times during the movie, I found myself comparing this mixture of incoherent scenes and troubling characters to what you can find in a David Lynch’s movie.

To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy Carnival of Souls at first watch, but then, a week or so later, it seems that I cannot forget it, which definitely makes it an interesting one in some ways.


Carnival of Souls (1962) Cast:

Candace HilligossCandace HilligossMary Henry
Frances FeistFrances FeistMrs. Thomas – Landlady
Sidney BergerSidney BergerJohn Linden
Art EllisonArt EllisonMinister
Stan LevittStan LevittDr. Samuels
Tom McGinnisTom McGinnisOrgan Factory Boss
Forbes CaldwellForbes CaldwellCarpenter in Organ Factory
Dan PalmquistDan PalmquistGas Station Attendant
Bill de JarnetteBill de JarnetteMechanic (as Bill De Jarnette)
Steve BoozerSteve BoozerChip – Man at Juke Box
Pamela BallardPamela BallardDress Saleslady
Larry SneegasLarry SneegasDrag Racer
Cari ConboyCari ConboyLake Zombie
Karen PylesKaren PylesDress Store Customer
T.C. AdamsT.C. AdamsDancing Zombie
Sharon ScovilleSharon ScovilleMary’s Girlfriend
Mary Ann HarrisMary Ann HarrisMary’s Girlfriend


Carnival of Souls FAN Speak:

“Carnival of Souls is out there on all the horror movie packs that can be bought out at box stores for cheap. The fact that it’s so easy to view is tremendous because I feel Carnival of Souls is one of the greatest and most influential horror films made. Giving it a 9 rating, some of the other 1960′s movie I also gave 9s to are Night of the Living Dead and Psycho, that itself tells how highly I think of this film. The beautiful lead actress Candace Hilligross played Mary Henry a sole survivor of a car crash. After the crash though, life turns into a terrible nightmare for Mary, she keeps seeing a deathly looking man that pops into her life unexpectedly and also dips in and out of reality. She knows and the viewer knows quickly that the abandoned carnival land is the central focus to these problems. What makes Carnival of Souls so memorable is the very chilling creepy music that probably cracks the top five of bone shivering horror themes. Also, the makeup of the ghouls is spectacular and their scenes are so trippy when they do make an appearance. I recommend Herk Harvey’s masterpiece, Carnival of Souls as a must watch to any horror fan.”



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