Buried Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review

Buried Movie

Release Date: 2010
Genre: Phobic
Director: Rodrigo Cortés
Screenwriter: Chris Sparling

Buried Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review:

Rowan= 7.5 / 10;
Ellis= 4 / 10;
Ryan= 6.5 / 10;
Ronan = 6.5 / 10


A truck driver wakes up buried in a coffin with only a lighter and his cell phone.


Again, this film adds up to the long list of film that are hard to describe as horror, but that in fact are. Here, the feelings of oppression and claustrophobia are such that it produces a tension and an unease that are worthy of most horror flicks.

At first, I was worried about a 95 min movie that happens exclusively in a coffin, but the film succeeds at grasping the viewer, and the time goes fast. Thereee are a lot of good ideas in that film, and you’ll find yourself surprised at least a couple of time.

This film nicely adds to the ever-growing list of horror flicks that play with the concept of “people stuck at the wrong place” alongside with Frozen (people stuck on ski-lift), 347°F (people stuck on a sauna) and Sanctum or The Cave (people stuck inside caves).

Buried (2010) Cast:

Ryan ReynoldsRyan ReynoldsPaul Conroy
José Luis García PérezJosé Luis García PérezJabir (voice) (as José Luis García-Pérez)
Robert PatersonRobert PatersonDan Brenner (voice)
Stephen TobolowskyStephen TobolowskyAlan Davenport (voice)
Samantha MathisSamantha MathisLinda Conroy (voice)
Ivana MiñoIvana MiñoPamela Lutti (voice)
Warner LoughlinWarner LoughlinMaryanne Conroy / Donna Mitchell / Rebecca Browning(voice)
Erik PalladinoErik PalladinoSpecial Agent Harris (voice)
Kali RochaKali Rocha911 Operator (voice)
Chris William MartinChris William MartinState Department Rep. (voice)
Cade DundishCade DundishShane Conroy (voice)
Mary BirdsongMary Birdsong411 Female Operator (voice) (as Mary Songbird)
Kirk BailyKirk Baily411 Male Operator (voice)
Anne LockhartAnne LockhartCRT Operator (voice)
Robert ClotworthyRobert ClotworthyCRT Spokesman (voice)
Michalla PetersenMichalla PetersenNursing Home Nurse (voice)
Juan HidalgoJuan HidalgoKidnapper (voice)
Abdelilah Ben MassouAbdelilah Ben MassouKidnapper (voice)
Joe GuarneriJoe GuarneriAdditional Voice (voice)
Heath CentazzoHeath CentazzoAdditional Voice (voice)


pennywise01 says
“This film manages to impress you while happening in a box…other films need a lot more for that.

It was worth watching!”


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