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Braindead Movie

Braindead is a 1992 Hollywood splatstick zombie comedy film directed by Peter Jackson, produced by Jim Booth, and written by Jackson. A young man’s mother is bitten by a Sumatran rat-monkey. She gets sick and dies, at which time she comes back to life, killing and eating dogs, nurses, friends. Here we will provide the details about the Braindead Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review.

Release Date: 1992
Genre: Comedy, Virus
Director: Peter Jackson
Screenwriter: Fran Walsh, Peter Jackson, Stephen Sinclair

Braindead Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review:

Jo= 8 / 10;
Ellis= 9 / 10;
Ryan= 9 / 10;


An old bachelor has his mum bitten by a strange rat, causing her to dye and later, to her son astonishment, to come back to life.


If I was to run a contest of the funniest horror flicks I ever saw. Dead Alive would be competing with Shawn of the Dead, Army of Darkness and Troll Hunter as the very best one. This basically to say that it is absolutely hilarious!

It is very gory, very funny. All the scenes in this movie are really exaggerated and many grotesque moments should make you laugh your head off. Thereee are a lot of cults scenes, the most famous being probably the famous land mower one! The actors overacting just fit perfectly with the movie bizarre ambiance. My personal favorite is the innocent (stupid) girl Pakita! The character of the crazy mum is also fantastic, especially when she transforms into a disgusting monster at the end.

This movie is the one that really started the career of Peter Jackson. It is a wonderful comedy that hasn’t aged and such a classic that they should show it at primary schools!

Braindead (1992) Cast:

Timothy BalmeTimothy BalmeLionel Cosgrove
Diana PeñalverDiana PeñalverPaquita Maria Sanchez
Elizabeth MoodyElizabeth MoodyMum (Vera Cosgrove)
Ian WatkinIan WatkinUncle Les
Brenda KendallBrenda KendallNurse McTavish
Stuart DevenieStuart DevenieFather McGruder
Jed BrophyJed BrophyVoid
Stephen PappsStephen PappsZombie McGruder
Murray KeaneMurray KeaneScroat
Glenis LevestamGlenis LevestamNora Matheson
Lewis RoweLewis RoweMr. Matheson
Elizabeth MulfaxeElizabeth MulfaxeRita
Harry SinclairHarry SinclairRoger
Davina WhitehouseDavina WhitehousePaquita’s Grandmother
Silvio FamularoSilvio FamularoPaquita’s Father
Brian SergentBrian SergentVet
Peter Vere-JonesPeter Vere-JonesUndertaker
Tina RegtienTina RegtienMandy
Bill RalstonBill RalstonStewart
Tony HopkinsTony HopkinsWinston
Tony HilesTony HilesZoo Keeper
Duncan SmithDuncan SmithDrunk
Tich RowneyTich RowneyBarry
George PortGeorge PortLawrence
Stephen AndrewsStephen AndrewsSpike
Nick WardNick WardSpud
Kenny McFaddenKenny McFaddenGladstone
Angela Robinson WitherspoonAngela Robinson WitherspoonCourtney (as Angela Robinson)
Johnny ChicoJohnny ChicoHead Chief
Peter JacksonPeter JacksonUndertaker’s Assistant
James GrantJames GrantTram Driver
Michelle TurnerMichelle TurnerBlond Woman
Jim BoothJim BoothLionel’s Father
Sam DallimoreSam DallimoreYoung Lionel
Anna CahillAnna CahillMother at Park
Kate Jason-SmithKate Jason-SmithMother at Park
Fran WalshFran WalshMother at Park (as Frances Walsh)
Norman WillertonNorman WillertonTramp at Park
Robert EricsonRobert EricsonBoy on Bike
Morgan RoweMorgan RoweBaby Selwyn
Sean HaySean HayBaby Selwyn
Vicki WalkerVicki WalkerSelwyn (voice)
Chris ShortChris ShortCustoms Official
Jamie SelkirkJamie SelkirkFather at Zoo
Brad SelkirkBrad SelkirkSon at Zoo
Forrest J. AckermanForrest J. AckermanForry
Gim BonGim BonFeatured Party Zombie
Sarah Scott DavisSarah Scott DavisFeatured Party Zombie
Tony DonaldsonTony DonaldsonFeatured Party Zombie (as Anthony Donaldson)
Jo EdgecombeJo EdgecombeFeatured Party Zombie
Mel EdgecombeMel EdgecombeFeatured Party Zombie
Melody FrenchMelody FrenchFeatured Party Zombie
Ken HammonKen HammonFeatured Party Zombie
Michael HelmsMichael HelmsFeatured Party Zombie
Mary O'LearyMary O’LearyFeatured Party Zombie
Simon PerkinsSimon PerkinsFeatured Party Zombie
Annie PriorAnnie PriorFeatured Party Zombie
Vanessa RedmondVanessa RedmondFeatured Party Zombie
Chris RyanChris RyanFeatured Party Zombie
Tim SaywellTim SaywellFeatured Party Zombie
Paul ShannonPaul ShannonFeatured Party Zombie
Belinda ToddBelinda ToddFeatured Party Zombie
Elizabeth BrimilcombeElizabeth BrimilcombeZombie’s Mother


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