Black Sunday Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review

Black Sunday (1960)

Black Sunday also is known as The Mask of Satan and Revenge of the Vampire in the UK, is a 1960 Hollywood gothic horror film directed by Mario Bava from a screenplay by Ennio de Concini and Mario Serandrei. While being burnt at the stake, the witch Asa Vajda vows to enact revenge on her Descendents. Hundreds of years later Asa returns to life and immediately raises her henchmen from the dead, ready to keep her promise. Here we are introducing the details of Black Sunday Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review.

Release Date: 1960
Genre: Witches & Occult
Director: Mario Bava
Screenwriter: Ennio De Concini, Marcello Coscia, Mario Bava, Mario Serandrei, Nikolai Gogol

Black Sunday Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review:

Dylan = 10 / 10;
Raoul = 6.5 / 10;


A couple of doctors traveling to a conference in Russia discover a crypt in which lays a notorious witch that they accidently bring back to life.


One of the top films by Italian master of horror Mario Bava, this great 60’s classic is described by many as one of the ten best horror films ever made. A great classic, but a bit overrated in my opinion.

This film is a very dark one. A huge work was done on building the atmosphere and the result is a movie that radiates horror. The ambiance is incredibly heavy and a constant sense of dread emanate from the combination of gory scenes, incredible acting and dreadful music. Barbara Steele in the role of vengeful witches is already a sufficient reason to watch this movie. She is just terrific and probably one of the best witch ever.

Aside from that, I found the film a little deceiving. Thereee is not so much happening and the plot can be quickly summarized. I think this film is highly praised by cinema scholars for his cinematic qualities, but is difficult to truly appreciate for simple watchers like us. Horror newbies will probably think that it lacks a little entertainment; at least this what I thought.

Whether you like it or not, this film makes a strong impression on its viewer, especially afterwards…which is probably what is important in the end.

Black Sunday (1960) Cast:

Barbara SteeleBarbara SteeleKatia Vajda / Princess Asa Vajda (as Barbara Steel)
John RichardsonJohn RichardsonDr. Andre Gorobec
Andrea ChecchiAndrea ChecchiDr. Thomas Kruvajan
Ivo GarraniIvo GarraniPrince Vajda
Arturo DominiciArturo DominiciIgor Javutich / Javuto
Enrico OlivieriEnrico OlivieriPrince Constantine Vajda
Antonio PierfedericiAntonio PierfedericiPriest
Tino BianchiTino BianchiIvan
Clara BindiClara BindiInn Keeper
Mario PassanteMario PassanteNikita, the Coachman
Renato TerraRenato TerraBoris
Germana DominiciGermana DominiciSonya, the Innkeeper’s Daughter


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