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Aswathama Full Movie Details

‘Aswathama’ which stars ‘Naga Shaurya‘ in the lead role, the movie is released this Friday. It really made all Naga Shaurya fans and the cinema-buffs loaded with joy after they saw the film! The ‘Aswathama’ trailer had already got the best response from the people more than hours and also did the songs which are becoming chart-busters day by day. Here, In this article, you can find the details of Aswathama Full Movie Download and also find the cast & crew details.

Aswathama movie story and review:

Aswathama, starring Naga Shaurya as the protagonist is a crime-thriller. Aswathama cast includes Naga Shaurya and Mehreen Pirzada. The film is the tale of a brother taking revenge for the damage caused to his sister by a psychopath.

Gana, the name of the character played by Naga Shaurya . Naga is left baffled when her sister Priya plays by Shagun Kaur makes a suicide attempt when only a handful of days are left to her wedding. On enquiring, he comes to know that she has suffered a brutal rape assault.The rapist is a psychopath and very difficult to catch.

Gana takes the oath to pin down the culprit and joins dot by dot to solve the puzzle. The story turns on its head when the daughter of a VIP falls prey to the outrage of the psychopath.

The essence of the film is the thrill factor, the director Ramana Teja has so beautifully woven the story that nobody can predict the next sequence of the plot. The mystery about the antagonist is depicted nicely and Jisshu Sen Gupta has played that part brilliantly, he brought that scary element in the film.

Aswathama movie songs by Sri Charanis fairly dull and don’t go with the theme of the film. The first half is filled with thrill and loads of suspense but the second half somewhat lacked in this department. However, the climax filled the voids created in the opening scenes of the second half.

Naga was phenomenal in the action and rage scenes but could have done better in the emotional scenes with her sister. The brother-sister bond is truly cherished in the film. They excel at the fact that there is no unnecessary attempt to infuse a comedy element in the film as it would not go naturally with the thriller genre.

Aswathama Full Movie Download

Aswathama Movie Trailer

Ira Creations had released Aswathama Trailer on YouTube. In fact, the trailer gets a huge response from the Audience. The real incident trailer has reached more than 5.5M views within 5 days.

Naga Shaurya’s new real story thriller film Aswathama, which is influenced by a real incident. Aswathama Telugu movie is all set to hit the screens on January 31. The new fabricated true-crime film promises to take the audience on a thrilling ride. The film has been making delight ever since the first teaser revealed the last month. The film’s high octane, action-oriented trailer with an innovative look and impressive appearances has created a good response among the audience.

Finally, the film deal with the issues of woman safety and violence. Why the film is more suspense and thriller.  The Aswathama film is about Naga Shaurya’s highlights incidents that happen every day to women in our country. It’s based on an actual event, one fine day,  which is happened to his friend’s sister in Mumbai. To know the mystery in this story watches Aswathama movie in theaters on 31st Jan 2020. Don’ t miss it.

Aswathama Cast & Crew

Movie NameAswathama
Release Date2020-01-31
Movie Director(s)Ramana Teja
Movie Producer(s)Usha Mulpuri
Production CompanyIra Creations
Lead CastNaga Shaurya


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