American Horror Story Season 2 Asylum

American Horror Story Season 2 Asylum

American Horror Story Season 2 Asylum

 American Horror Story Season 2: Asylum (2012)Rating:

  • Eloise = 9 / 10;
  • Raoul = 9 / 10;

 American Horror Story Season 2: Asylum (2012) Synopsis:

A young journalist intends to do a documentary on the Briarcliff asylum, where is locked the notorious Bloody Face. As she arrives and starts investigating, she will soon find herself unable to leave the madhouse.

 American Horror Story Season 2: Asylum (2012) Review:

This second season of American Horror Story starts up a whole new story, the only continuity lying in the actors, which are at least as brilliant, if not more, than in the first season. At first, it is a little strange to see the familiar faces from the first season playing totally different characters, but one get quickly used to it. Jessica Lange is once more unforgettable and definitely the highlight of the franchise.

The atmosphere in this second season is much darker than in the first one. The story happens almost entirely in that strange asylum filled with weird characters, ranking from retarded to complete maniacs. The characters from the Asylum all have fascinating personality and the end of the main story until about episode 10 is simply put, brilliant. One amazing thing about Asylum is how it covers such a wide range of horror genres. Trying to list the main ones, I would say sci-fi horror, possession, madness horror and aliens horror.

Whereas the first season tended to draw away from horror after a few episodes and focus on soap opera, this one is remains very disturbing all along, containing a good lot of gory scene and disturbing monsters.

Up to episode 10, I actually preferred this season as compared to the first one (but I think many think the opposite).  The last two episodes are a nice attempt to buckle up the story, but ends up clashing too much with the rest of the series. I disliked them so much, especially the last one, that it almost spoiled the all series. Still, this season is a real horror show!

Because of its more pronounced horror aspect, I found this second season of American Horror Story to be the best of all so far.

 American Horror Story Season 2: Asylum (2012) Cast:

Alessandra TorresaniAlessandra TorresaniDaria
Jackie TuttleJackie TuttleColleen
Dave DavisDave DavisLloyd
Morgan FairchildMorgan FairchildMiss Margot / Rosemary
Carol Jean WellsCarol Jean WellsRosemary
Salina DuplessisSalina DuplessisSarah
Cameron Deane StewartCameron Deane StewartDerek
Sarah Ellis SmithSarah Ellis SmithMarylynn (as Ruby Lou Smith)
Isabel CuevaIsabel CuevaMiss Pena
Sydney SpiesSydney SpiesMissy
Jennie KaminJennie KaminRiley
Ashton LeighAshton LeighTish
Ramona TylerRamona TylerSandy Adams
Cait TaylorCait TaylorKaylee
Donna DuplantierDonna DuplantierShirley Margot



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