A Bay Of Blood Horror Movie Details

A Bay Of Blood Horror Movie Details

A Bay Of Blood Horror Movie Details

A Bay Of Blood (1971)Rating:

  • Dylan = 9 / 10;
  • Raoul = 9 / 10;
  • Ronan = 6.5 / 10

A Bay Of Blood (1971) Synopsis:

In the quiet town, a double-murder will set in motion a series of gruesome events related to the inheritance of the bay itself, and its future.

A Bay Of Blood (1971) Review:

A Bay of Blood is one of the most famous giallo (Italian horror/crime films), and one of Mario Bava’s masterpiece, along with Kill, Baby Kill!, Black Sunday and Black Sabbath.

The film has a wonderful story which is both really complex and really well-told. The killer is hard to find but not un-guessable. I really hate it when the killer is a complete stranger or a secondary character (like in Deep Red). Here, the film introduces a set of potential killer and cleverly leads you into false judgement, making you change your mind at multiple times. What makes that movie one of the best in his genre is that, even when you know who the killer is, the film still delivers 30 minutes of great plot twists. I can’t think of any other movies with such a surprised-packed scenario.

A Bay of Blood is also extremely graphic, and contain an impressive number of murder in comparison with more conventional crime films. Even the gore is surprisingly well done for the time, somehow making A Bay of Bloodone of the earliest true splatter.
In the end, this easily one of the best giallo story ever written, and my personal favourite amongst all (along with Opera from Argento).

A Bay Of Blood (1971) Cast:

Claudine AugerClaudine AugerRenata Donati
Luigi PistilliLuigi PistilliAlberto / Albert
Claudio CamasoClaudio CamasoSimone / Simon (as Claudio Volonté)
Anna Maria RosatiAnna Maria RosatiLaura (as Anna M. Rosati)
Chris AvramChris AvramFrank
Leopoldo TriesteLeopoldo TriestePaolo Fosatti / Paul Fosatti
Laura BettiLaura BettiAnna Fosatti
Brigitte SkayBrigitte SkayBrunhilde
Isa MirandaIsa MirandaCountess Federica Donati
Paola MonteneroPaola MonteneroThérèse / Denise (as Paola Rubens)
Guido BoccacciniGuido BoccacciniLuca / Duke
Roberto BonanniRoberto BonanniRoberto / Bobby
Giovanni NuvolettiGiovanni NuvolettiCount Filippo Donati


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