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[Note: We do not encourage any kind of piracy]

Thereee is absolutely no doubt on the fact that Piracy is completely destroying the film industry. As the Internet keeps moving forward with hundreds of options to expand, keeping piracy away from the game is getting more & more difficult. But, just because it’s difficult, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With proper knowledge, it’s very easy to keep ourselves away from piracy. In this article, I want to inform you about one of these piracy websites that are currently pretty harmful to the industry. It’s known as Filmywap & it’s a pretty massive player in its game.

Did you know that Filmywap is completely illegal?

You may have already used Filmywap to download movies or maybe you’ve just heard of it. But, did you know that Filmywap is illegal? We believe that most of the people who download content from these illegal websites don’t know about them being illegal.

Anyway, we must inform you that Filmywap was actually banned by the Indian government for the violation of the Copyright law of India. But, they keep coming back with new website addresses after getting banned on the older one.

Different type of contents that Filmywap offers

The amount of content that Filmywap illegally uploads on their website, is pretty big. It’s definitely not possible to talk about everything here but, we have prepared a list that includes the major types of content that they generally upload.

Filmywap has affected the movie industry causing a massive loss

Remember one thing. If you see a movie available for download online, within a few days of release, there is no way for that website to have any rights to distribute that media. This means the website has uploaded that movie illegally. Right now, it takes several months before it appears on television or is available online for streaming.

So, if a website like Filmywap uploads a movie on its website, a massive number of potential viewers download the movie from there, instead of watching it in theaters. This means that the sale of tickets decreases a lot. So, the movie ends up making way less money & that is a huge amount of loss for the industry.

If you think that it’s not a big deal then you couldn’t be more wrong. Last year the Indian film industry faced an estimated loss of almost 18000 crores just because of these piracy websites.

Filmywap Bollywood Movies 2019

Filmywap has caused a lot of problems for the Bollywood industry by leaking major movies like Gully Boy, Bharat, etc by leaking the pirated copies of such movies which affect their box office collections and also the makers of these movies and the people connected to the film industry.

Latest Movies & Songs Leaked On Filmywap

You can get in trouble for downloading pirated content

If you download content from pirated websites like Filmywap, you need to stop now. Maybe you don’t know but that’s actually a punishable offense. You can get in real trouble if you get caught while doing this.

  • You can go to jail: You can go to jail for downloading piracy content. The timespan goes from 6 months up to 3 years.
  • You may have to pay a lot of money: If you receive a fine, you may need to pay a big amount for that. Generally, this goes anywhere from 50000 INR up to 200000 INR.

Please stay away from piracy

Piracy hurts any industry more than anything else. Thousands of creators/makers & their teams face the impact on a huge scale. Yes, the network of piracy is way too large now but, if each one of us steps away from pirated content & at the same time we can also help to educate the people around us about piracy, it will not exist in the future. So please, stay away from piracy & also spread this message to the people around you.


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