Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

The movie begins with our hero, Ash (Bruce Campbell), having survived his hellish night of battling the evil dead. Ah, morning's here, time to escape. Wrong! Just as Ash is preparing to leave, the last remaining demonic spirits rocket him through the woods in a very comical scene. Crashing into a tree, Ash regains consciousness only to be possessed by the evil dead, but eventually the morning light chases these spirits away, sparing our hero.

 Ash then falls unconscious, only to awake as dusk is setting in. . . . ROUND 2. During the ensuing night, Ash battles his dead girlfriend, his own hand (which he lops off with a chainsaw), and more evil dead than you can shake a shotgun at. They are looking for fresh souls. Who can stop these little bastards? I won't tell—but as you can see, there is a sequel.

Remake, sequel, or both? I would definitely say sequel. There are two reasons why Raimi filmed the flashback sequence the way he did. First, to bring those unfortunate fools who didn't see “Evil Dead” up to speed, and second, because he couldn't get the footage from New Line.

As Francesco continues his fight, he is visited by death himself, who warns him to stop killing the dead and to start killing the living.  Confused our caretaker beings to contemplate his calling in life. At the same time mysterious women begin to appear in his life that look a lot like she and Francesco continues to try and send her back to the grave permanently. Sometimes promises are a bitch to break. Soavi's vision is spectacular if not overwhelming at time. He tries to say a lot in the film and succeeds on most levels. I really dug the surrealistic ending. One of the most original horror films of the years and definitely one that warrants it position in the Vault. Check it out.

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