Every once and a while I am lucky enough to discover a good horror movie that I find entertaining. Very rarely am I able to find a horror movie that can crack my all-time favorites list (I got some real heavyweights on there). But a few months ago I was able to accomplish both, not only did I find a good horror movie, but I had a new addition to my all-time favorites list. "The Dead Next Door" is truly a horror gem directed by independent film maker J.R. Bookwalter. If your into zombies "The Dead Next Door" will keep your graveyard busy.


The Dead Next Door

Fangoria called it "The A-Team vs. the Zombies". A scientist has developed the ultimate virus, one that reanimates the dead and drives them on an undying quest for human flesh. Zombie among humans, living in peace... I don't think so. But there is a cool scene of human protestors (those fighting for Zombie Rights) being attacked by the zombies. The government is forced to organize a crack team of soldiers called "The Zombie Squad" charged with seeking out a cure for the virus and eliminating all the undead. The team is sent out on a mission into Akron, Ohio, where the virus originated, in search of the lost notes of the doctor who created it.

On their mission the squad not only encounters zombies, but also a religious cult bent on preparing this world for its inevitable takeover by the undead. In the words of Reverend Jones, the leader of the cult,"We are protecting our dead from you people! If it is God's wish to destroy us with our own kind, then so be it!" Dr. Moulsson and his his assistant Franklin, along with the squad, think they have come up with a cure for this deadly virus, or have they?? There are a lot of neat twists and turns along the way, a good amount of gore, and an ending that will surprise you. Will the squad be successful on their mission, does the anecdote work, or are we doomed to be annihilated by our undead friends? I won't say. Pick up a copy of "The Dead Next Door" or else you may be the main course.


  • Sam Raimi served as executive producer and was credited in the film as "The Master Cylinder". This was mainly due to the fact that he was trying to finance ED 2 while sinking his own money into this film.

  • This is J.R. Bookwalter's first full feature film.

  • Bruce Campbell's voice can be heard dubbed for the characters Raimi and Commander Carpenter. I knew right away that those voices were familiar.

  • Probably the most expensive film ever shot on Super-8mm.

  • Scott Spiegel, co-writer of Evil Dead 2, played the part of Richards.

  • I own the copy of Evil Dead that is used in the video store and the rec. room scenes. I bought it from J.R. awhile ago.

  • Everyone who worked on this film, worked for "free".

  • Sam Raimi used his pay from "Evil Dead 2" to fund this film.

  • There is talk of a sequel: "Dead Next Door: Dead Future" .

  • "The Dead Next Door" just celebrated its' twentieth  anniversary


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