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"Papa Roach" Jacoby Shaddix's Throat Slit
By John Marrone
Nov 28, 2005, 18:54

The lead singer of the band Papa Roach, Jacoby Shaddix, had his throat slit by his wife, as she ran a straight razor across the crest of his neck - causing him to bleed to death.  At least thats what happened on the set of his film debut.  The film is being written and directed by up-n-comer Ryan McKinney.  Here is the article as it printed for Sci Fi Wire...

Jacoby Shaddix, lead singer of the band Papa Roach, told SCI FI Wire that he's thrilled to be acting—and dying—for the first time in a spooky horror thriller by up-and-coming writer/director Ryan McKinney. The as-yet-untitled movie tells the story of a young couple that finds a spirit board in the attic and tries to conjure up answers but ends up unleashing horror. "I was not actively looking for a movie, but I really liked the idea of the part [in] a thriller with horror," Shaddix said on the set of the movie, which also stars Lou Diamond Phillips, Megan Ward and Pam Grier. SCI FI Wire was invited to the secretive shoot in Placerville, Calif., just east of Sacramento. "The director told me that he had a part where my wife is going to go psycho and slash my throat, and I said, 'Yeah, let's do it,' because I've always been such a fan of horror movies and great makeup work. I have been since I was a kid."

Shaddix spent the day filming a scene in which he sits on a toilet, gets up and shaves in front of a mirror. His wife, played by Lynda Reynoso (5ive!), comes up behind him and sexily helps him with a straight-edged razor. She then inexplicably slits his throat in a rage. "I'm pretty jazzed about it," the singer said just after he shot the scene leading up to the attack. "I'm ready to have lots of blood and makeup. This is interesting for me, because I feel like I'm a fish out of the water, but I also get a taste of acting. Lynda, who plays my wife Maggie, is a real pro and has done a ton of theater work. She really helped me. She let me loosen up. And this is a really good time in my life, especially to die."

Shaddix won the part because his brother works on the Green Flash Pictures production and suggested him to McKinney. "Jacoby is a natural actor," McKinney said in between takes. "He's good at every take, and he's a lot more meticulous than I ever thought he would be. For example, there was some thought about when he gets up if he should put the [toilet] seat back down—because someone said every guy leaves the seat up—and we determined this guy was more evolved, so he would put the seat down when he's done."

Shaddix's character is Thomas Walker, an artist, and his wife becomes possessed by the demons of the spirit board. The story is based on actual documented incidences of a Ouija board craze in the town of El Cerrito, Calif., in the 1920s.

"The film starts off in the turn of the century, and then my face is [used] to bring the story to modern times," Shaddix said with a smile. He sported a muscle shirt that shows the colorful tattoos covering his arms. "And the story has a moral to it, but I haven't read the whole script. I don't really need to. I'm not in all that much of it. But [the filming] is very convenient, and the set is close to my house, about 10 minutes away."

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