Connecticut's Own "True" Haunting
 By Christopher Dias

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Dec 1, 2005, 3:33 pm

"Gold Circle Films has scared up 'A Haunting in Connecticut' from scribes Tim Metcalfe and Adam Simon. Gold Circle topper Paul Brooks and Andrew Trapani of Integrated Films & Management will produce along with Wendy Rhoads under her first-look deal with Gold Circle. The movie will recount the true story of a family forced to relocate near a clinic where their teenage son was being treated for cancer. The family begins experiencing violent, supernatural events that the parents first blame on stress from the illness, but they later discover that their new home is a former mortuary with a dark past. Brad Kessell and Jon Silk will oversee the project for Gold Circle."

The story has apparently been told in an episode of "Haunting," an "Unsolved Mysteries" type of show, which I found at New Dominion Picture's website:

"A Haunting in Connecticut (1 x 94 minutes)

Ed and Karen Parker rent a rambling old house in Connecticut. They need to be near the hospital where their 14-year-old son Paul is being treated for cancer. The day they move in, they notice crucifixes hanging over all the doorways. More telling is a basement room filled with head tags, toe tags, coffin keys and religious medals, the house is an old funeral parlor. Although they withhold this information from their four children, Paul makes an ominous announcement; 'we have to leave here…this house is evil.'

As Paul’s condition worsens, he claims he can see apparitions and hear voices. During a violent episode, he attacks a female cousin. Ed and Karen believe their son is hallucinating, in desperation they commit Paul to a mental hospital. But with Paul gone, the house is besieged by angry entities, dark forces that torment the entire family. Terrified, Karen contacts Edward and Lorraine Warren. The renowned, but controversial couple has been involved in some of America’s most notorious hauntings. After weeks of rigorous testing, the Warrens gather enough evidence to convince the Catholic Church to perform an exorcism. Before long, the strange incidents cease. The Parkers move out days later."

It wouldn't be a big-time "true" haunted house story without the Warrens, would it? Hopefully the movie will stay at least slightly close to the actual events, while going for scares more than shock. (I'm looking at you, Amityville Horror)


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